• How to make the most delicious Yorkshire Pudding?
    Yorkshire pudding is a typical English side dish consisting of a baked pudding made from a batter made of eggs, flour, and milk or water.  Its' amazing versatility allows us to serve it in many ways: as the first course with onion gravy; as the main course with beef and gravy and can also be filled … Read more
  • Plan for 2020 Major Events in Portugal!
    If you are a person who likes to plan ahead then January is the month to do so.Explore below the best events of the year in Portugal and use our sales to book your holiday in advance at the best prices. Popular Celebrations & Festivals Event Location Date Website Madeira Carnival festivities Madeira19 Feb – … Read more
  • Comedy, Crime & Mystery at Muthu Belstead Brook Hotel!
    Following the successes of previous years, the Muthu Belstead Brook Hotel in Ipswich presents two fantastic events! FOOLS @ FAWLTY TOWERS 14th March 2020 – 7.00 pm The Trotters have booked the function suite at Fawlty Towers for Del Boy's 50th Birthday Party (Del doesn't know).Basil is not happy, but he is fully aware of … Read more
  • Burns Night @ Muthu Westcliff Hotel
    Download the Menu Download On January 25th, we invite you to join us at the Great Tides Restaurant at Muthu Westcliff Hotel in Southend to celebrate Robert Burns. Book your table now from £ 19.95 per person, including Dinner and Cocktail. For reservations or information call, 0170 234 5247 or write to us at … Read more
  • 7 Tips to Enjoy a Winter Holiday in the Algarve!
    The low season is an excellent option for those who have time available and want to spend their winter holiday peacefully away from hustle-bustle of a city. Revisit our post "5 Reasons to Visit the Algarve During Winter" to find out why! But what to do when the weather is too rainy to roam outside? … Read more
  • Welcome the New Year, Portuguese Style!
    Take a look at some of the most famous Portuguese traditions when it comes to celebrating the beginning of a new year: Firework displays The Firework displays, commonly organized by local authorities, are a guaranteed attraction on bays, bridges and city centres. 12 raisins 12 wishes It is the most popular New Year tradition which … Read more
  • Lesley Borroto Welcomes you at Grand Muthu Cayo Guillermo Lobby Bar
    Her smile is a warm welcome to our guests at Grand Muthu Cayo Guillermo's Lobby Bar Leslie Borroto is 25 years old, born in Morón, Cuba, is one of our most recognized waitresses at Grand Muthu Cayo Cayo Guillermo Leslei completed her training at Hotel and Tourism School in Morón, where she had the opportunity … Read more
  • Gran Muthu Rainbow Hotel
    It is with great pleasure that we announce the grand opening of our latest crown jewel – The Gran Muthu Rainbow! This 5 Star Beach Resort is Cuba's first hotel dedicated to LGTBIQ community. Located in Playa Playuelas, close to Cayo Guillermo, it offers an unforgettable stay with wide range of local and international dining … Read more
  • 7 Tips to Save during Christmas!
    Christmas is almost here and with it the extra expenses for gifts, decorations and other celebrations. Follow some of our advice to save money this season without harming the festivity! Decorations 1. There are two ways to save on Christmas decorations: Alternating the decorations you already have, using a colour combination one year and a … Read more
  • The Most Yummy Spanish Smoked Ham Croquettes
    The smoked ham croquettes are one of Spain's most typical tapas and a delicious snack to be served on any occasion. Although its recipe is not complicated, it should be made very calmly and patiently – the most important thing is to work the croquettes batter. Here's how to prepare the most delicious smoked ham … Read more
  • Meet our Entertainer Miguel Máximo!
    Miguel Máximo is a well-known face at the Grand Muthu Golf Plaza Resort, and his job is to make our guests' stay even more memorable, not only by the various day programs but also with his rich night entertainment such as the 60's & 70's Night Live Show. After many years working in the show … Read more
  • 5 Curious Christmas & New Year Traditions in Spain
    Christmas & New Year are celebrated all over the world with great pomp and show. We are widely aware of the common traditions, such as the rich gastronomy and religious celebrations, but Spain celebrates Christmas in some very unique ways. Discover some of the traditions of the festive season in Spain: There is no Santa … Read more
  • Winter Spa Weekend? Oh Yes!
    The cold and wet winters in the UK can be very tedious and stressful, and your body will quickly shout for relaxation. Why not explore the countryside and relax on a Spa Weekend? Muthu Clumber Park Hotel & Spa *** Worksop, Nottinghamshire The Muthu Clumber Park Hotel & Spa is a charming countryside hotel located … Read more
  • Experience the Magic of Christmas in Nottinghamshire
    MUTHU CLUMBER PARK HOTEL Christmas is the festive season when our hearts is filled with colours and sparkles of celebration, fun and frolic in the company of our nearest and dearest ones. It is also a time of sharing and dining experiences where traditional meals take us on time travel to the relive the moments … Read more
  • Explore Chennai with MGM Beach Resorts…
    The MGM Beach Resort is located on East Coast Road, Chennai (India) only 20km away from Chennai Airport and 30km from the city centre. This 4-star hotel is perfect for family holidays, seeking for fun and relaxing holidays. The Resort offers sweeping views of swaying coconut trees and the tranquil shoreline and stunning views of … Read more
  • Meet Our Executive Sous Chef Ricardo Parrinha!
    Chef Ricardo Parrinha is 38 years old, born in São Bartolomeu de Messines in the Algarve and is our Executive Sous Chef at Muthu Clube Praia da Oura. Chef Ricardo Parrinha completed his training in Cooking and Pastry at the Algarve School of Hotel and Tourism, where he had the opportunity to intern and work … Read more
  • Salt is not all the Same!
    With more or less intensity, we all consume salt in our daily diet. Today it is easy to find variety salt types on supermarket shelves, and we will guide you through some of them! Refined Salt Salt most used and commercialized, the fine grains are the result of the refining processes suffered in the industrial … Read more
  • Highland COO’s our VIP Friends at Muthu Newton Hotel
    Our lovely residential three Scottish COO's Isla, Skye and Iona have been a part of Newton since March 2017 as Newton has historically hosted highland coo's for over 25 years, so here at Muthu Newton Hotels Isla, Skye and Iona were born and bred in the Highlands, where they developed their thick coats in response … Read more
  • 7 Tips for Best Staff Christmas Party
    The festive season is coming, and it's time to plan your Staff Christmas Party! No matter the size of your business or the number of employees – the recipe for the Best Christmas Party is always the same.  Keep in mind that this is the time when your entire team comes together to socialize, have … Read more
  • 5 Reasons to Visit the Algarve During Winter!
    Winter can be very depressing and cold in the northern countries of Europe, but in the south, the climate is quite different and the winters are more welcoming and lively. Here are some of the reasons why you should exchange the northern cold for the mild climate of the Algarve and spend part of your … Read more
  • Cutty Sark, The Great Tea Clipper!
    Allan C. Green [Public domain] Cutty Sark is a British clipper vessel built for the Jock Willis Shipping Line on the Leven River, Dunbarton, Scotland, 1869. With the opening of the Suez Canal (in 1869) the steamships took over in the tea trade route to China and Cutty Sark started to be used in Australia's … Read more
  • The Top Must-Have Travel Gadgets!
    One of our main goals, when we pack, is to travel lightly, preferably that everything we need for our vacation can fit in a carry-on bag. Like clothing, toiletries, travel documents, some gadgets cannot be forgotten! Universal Electric Adapter (all in one) Regardless of the type of electrical plug used in your destination, you no … Read more
  • Dried Codfish – The Most Traditional Fish in Portugal
    By Happolati – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, The dried salted cod is one of the most consumed fish in Portugal, and it seems to be over 1,001 different recipes and methods for cooking this much-appreciated fish! The cod is traditionally preserved dry and salty as has been so for over 500 years, since … Read more
  • 7 Tips to live like a local on your next vacations!
    Book a longer stay Perhaps a few days in a hotel with your family may seem enough to rest and recharge your batteries before returning to your daily routine. But if you want to explore your destination correctly, without being stuck to a tight schedule to complete your tourist checklist, then you definitely should consider … Read more
  • 5 Must-Follow Facebook Pages
    Tasty – @buzzfeedtasty Ninety-seven million of followers cannot be wrong! This is the right place to find easy to do recipes with a fantastic and yummy look. Check it out and start surprise your friends in that gets together at your home! Travel Insider – @thisisinsidetravel An easy and funny way to follow world travel … Read more

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